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Hoody: Sore today strong tomorrow (female)


This hoodie design is a great reminder that even when we don't feel our best, we have the strength to push through and overcome challenges. Whether it's a tough workout, a difficult day at work, or personal struggles we're facing, this message encourages us to keep going. It's a positive message that can help boost our confidence and mindset, reminding us that we're capable of achieving our goals and becoming stronger through our experiences.

Wearing this hoodie can serve as a daily reminder to stay motivated and focused on our journey towards success.

Material: 100% organic cotton – 280g/m²
Features: Hoodie, with reduced CO₂ emissions, raglan sleeves, side pockets
Accreditation: Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS, ÖKOTEX, PETA vegan
Country of origin: India

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