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Kids-Shirt: Beat of life


The words "Beat of life" are a reminder of the importance of rhythm and timing in this Taekwon-Do. We learn to move in harmony with our bodies and the environment, finding the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. We also learn to focus our minds and control our breathing, allowing us to perform complex techniques with ease.

“Beat of life” is more than practicing a sports. It means to transfer the learned into your life, not the fighting with other, but using the principles of Taekwon-Do to overcome challenges and obstacles in everyday life. It means having the discipline to set and achieve goals, the perseverance to keep going when things get tough, and the humility to learn from our mistakes.

Material: 100% organic cotton, 155 g/m²
Features: Fairtrade-certified cotton | combed organic cotton | single jersey knit | modern fit | elastane rib at the neckline | inner neckband

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