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Sweatshirt: Pain is just an illusion


This T-shirt design serves as a powerful reminder that challenges and difficulties are often temporary, and can be overcome. While pain can feel overwhelming in the moment, it is not a permanent state. By shifting our perspective and recognizing that pain is just an illusion, we can find the strength and resilience to keep pushing forward.

The slogan "pain is just an illusion" is rooted in the fact that pain is created in our brain. The brain receives signals from receptors in our body and interprets these signals as pain. However, the brain has the ability to filter and modulate these signals, which is why some people are able to tolerate pain better than others.

Material: 100% organic cotton – 280g/m²
Features: 100% organic cotton, sweatshirt, with reduced CO₂ emissions, with round neckline
Accreditation: Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS, ÖKOTEX, PETA vegan
Country of origin: India

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